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The right public speaking coach can help you improve your confidence every time you speak.

public speaking coach in Dallas

You can improve your speaking skills significantly in just a few sessions

If you’re an executive, manager, sales professional, or aspiring speaker, and you want to improve your public speaking skills, you’re in the right place.

I’m a public speaking coach in Dallas. Here’s just some of what you can learn in just a few coaching sessions:

  • How to prepare for any meeting you have to lead or presentation you have to give
  • Overcome nervousness and speaking anxiety
  • Be confident EVERY time you speak to an audience
  • Prepare PowerPoint and overhead slides with ease
  • improve your presentation skills so you appear professional every time you present
  • Build entire seminars and workshops including modules and exercises
  • Engage your audience in such a way that they remember you
  • And much more


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Become a more skilled and confident speaker.
Public speaking coach in Dallas Texas.

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public speaking coach in Dallas

Get comfortable speaking to small or large groups


My Public Speaking Background

public speaking coach in DallasMy name is Alexander Van Buren

I’m a public speaking coach in Dallas. I’ve been a professional speaker and trainer for more than 25 years.  I have given presentations in Canada, Mexico and on the cruise ships of the Caribbean.

I am an award-winning presenter and have received 21 standing ovations in a single week.

I have taught hundreds of people how to be better public speakers and presenters.

I also own a national speakers bureau with over 2700 speakers on our professional roster.

public speaking coach in dallas


Alexander Van Buren

Speaker, Trainer, Speakers Bureau Owner, Harley Davidson Lover, and author of Mastering the Mental Game, I love helping people improve their presentation skills and public speaking ability.  Learn more -> 




phone coaching for business breakthroughs

“When I first met you I was $17,000 in the red. Within a few years of working with you and your strategies,

I am having my first 7 figure year. Your coaching has been incredibly valuable.”

Dan J.
Real Estate Consultant


“I made $40,000 in the first month from one of the up-sell techniques you taught me. 

And I’ve added a quarter of a million dollars to my yearly income. 

That’s why I’ve come back for more coaching with you!

Dr. Chris Pellow
Pellow Family Chiropractic 

Public Speaking Modules to Choose From 

Gain Confidence
Learn how to create and trigger confidence every time you speak in public. 
Confident is the mark of a true professional. 

Prepare Presentations
Discover a simple step by step process for developing any presentation so that it exceeds your audience’s expectations.
Preparation will give you the confidence you need to present effectively.  Learn how to discover the needs of your audience and translate them into a presentation that delivers what they want most.

Hone Your Presentation Skills
Learn to use eye contact, movements, gestures, pauses, and other presentation skills so that your speeches exude a natural quality that’s easy to watch and enjoyable to listen to.  

Build in Q and A Sessions 
Know how to hold a Question and Answer session after your presentation. Answer questions effectively and lead the session so that everyone feels heard. Learn how to respond to questions you don’t know the answer to. 

How to Motivate and Inspire
Even if you’re not a motivational speaker, it’s a good idea to be able to make your talks motivating and inspiring in some way. Learn simple techniques that heighten your audience’s desire to take action after your speech. Be able to move your audience emotionally when it’s necessary. 

Tell Entertaining stories
People relate to stories.  Storytelling is an excellent way to teach without lecturing. Stories are entertaining. Learn to tell stories in such a way that they captivate and fascinate your audience while they impart important lessons. 

Get Rave Reviews
Construct your presentations so they over deliver every single time. Learn to build presentations that crescendo to a point that moves and inspires your audience. 

Use PowerPoint Like a Pro
Learn to use PowerPoint effectively during your presentations. Assemble your slides and present them in such a way that your audience stays engaged throughout your entire presentation. Practice specific presentation skills when you use PowerPoint so your information is well received. 

Handle Surprises
Anything can happen during a speech. It’s a live event. Be prepared to respond professionally to anything that happens. Have contingency plans and responses ready when you need them. 

Create Audience Participation
Learn how to get your audience involved in a way they appreciate and enjoy. Audiences like to be involved in some way.  Build exercises, demonstrations, questions, surveys and other techniques into your presentations so you are not giving a lecture, you’re giving an interactive presentation. 

Memorize Any Speech
Learn a simple process for memorizing any presentation you have to give. Learn to work from notes, cards or an internal mind map. 

Use Humor Appropriately
Learn how to build appropriate humor into your presentations in a way that matches your personality and style. Audiences greatly appreciate a little humor when it’s delivered correctly.  

Create Trainings and Workshops
Learn how to create training modules and seminars agendas. Discover how to create and lead a workshop and breakout session. Develop content for longer presentations. 

Discover Your Own Speaking Style
Find your own style as a speaker so you feel comfortable whenever you present. Once you find it, all your speeches will be more natural and relaxed and your delivery will have an effortless flow to it. 

Sell From The Platform
Learn how to sell during a presentation. Create your pricing stack and drop, your call to action, an urgency factor, your compelling features, your irresistible offer, and much more. 

Build Rapport And Increase Credibility
Learn the secret of creating rapport during a presentation so that your speech builds trust, increases your credibility, and strengthens relationships. 



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Become a more skilled and confident speaker.
Public speaking coach in Dallas Texas.

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1 on 1 or Group Training at Our office

We’re located in the Southlake Town Square just 15 minutes from downtown Dallas

 We have meeting rooms available for rehearsals and public speaking practice and coaching.

Individual coaching and small group training is available. 


Coaching Formats & Packages

public speaking coach in Dallas

Choose a coaching package that meets your needs.

As a public speaking coach in Dallas, I offer 3-session, 6-session, and 12-session coaching packages. 

Handouts, exercises, and suggested action steps are all included.

I can evaluate your live presentations in the greater Dallas area and also critique presentations you have recorded on video.

Professional speaker coaching packages are also available including special modules for “Selling From The Platform”.


Let’s Customize a Speaking Curriculum Just for You

Let’s create some modules that will pinpoint the skills you need most

Let’s talk on the phone and see how I can help you to become a better public speaker.

As a public speaking coach in Dallas, I want to learn exactly what you need to get to the next level of speaking ability.

Whether you want individual coaching, group training or phone coaching we can customize a set of modules that will quickly improve your skill and increase your confidence.


How to Get Started

See if I’m the right public speaking coach in Dallas for you.

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Public Speaking Coach in Dallas

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FREE Phone Coaching Session

Become a more skilled and confident speaker.
Public speaking coach in Dallas Texas.

Schedule your FREE session right now ->





“Alexander has been a huge help in getting me started the right way. His techniques have already got me significant bookings that have far exceeded my goals.  I purchased his coaching package three times in a row because it paid for itself every time I did it. 

His attention to detail in all aspects: from intricate speech writing to advanced marketing, these are exactly the insights for which I was looking. With so much more to learn, I know I’m in the right place.”

Steve Sax
World Champion Baseball Player & Motivational Speaker


“Alexander’s coaching has been a measurable benefit to me from our very first call.

His information is timely, relevant, and in manageable steps that can be implemented to increase your
business immediately.”

Kenny Chapman
Professional Speaker


“Alexander Van Buren gave me a terrific “secret” that only a speaker/bureau insider could know. He’s savvy, easy to work with and enjoys helping others help themselves. That winning combination can only help YOU!”

Vicki Hitzges
Motivational Speaker



“Alexander, I spoke to a group of over 200 people and I truly believe your help with my introduction and closing language was a big part in my being able to bring in over $50,000 in my 45-minute presentation.”

Scott Letourneau
Business Owner