Learn How To Become A Speaker, Motivational or Public Speaker, Trainer or Seminar Leader

Here's a great way to get started.

The basic BLUE speaker coaching package includes a 1-hour phone coaching session that will get you into action and on your way to making money from your speaking.

Learn exactly what marketing, speaker and sales materials and skills you need, plus get help with the COPY on your 1 sheet, bio and topics page.

This program is packed with insights, action steps and more.

I also have special training and coaching resources for PROFESSIONAL speakers who want to raise their game and increase their speaking fee by double, triple or more.

The 5 Essentials To Becoming a Well  Paid Speaker / Trainer Professional

Speaker Coaching
Speaker Coaching
Become A Speaker 3 session package

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Become a Speaker Next Step
This FREE 5 week e-course is for you if you really want to become a professional speaker. It's packed with tips, secrets and insights on how to get started on your road to becoming a paid speaker.

The Best Place To Begin
Speaker Coaching 1 Session - BLUE
Check out this special BLUE coaching package to help you get up and running on your journey to becoming a paid speaker. This is an ideal place to begin!

Step By Step Support
12 Coaching Sessions - GREEN
Learn about Alexander's GREEN 12 session phone coaching package that has helped many aspiring speakers to begin making 5k to 10k per speech and get STANDING OVATIONS every time they present!

A Hands On Workshop

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