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Exactly what marketing materials you need and why. The steps to take.

The 6 biggest mistakes aspiring speakers make and how to avoid them.

Secrets for getting lots of bookings as a paid motivational speaker.

What you MUST know about Speakers Bureaus and the speaker business.

The secret to making it all work - and actually earning 6 figures or more.

Many more tips, insights and steps to help you become a speaker!

The 5 Essential keys EVERY aspiring speaker should know.

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Alexander Van Buren

Alexander Van Buren
Alexander Van Buren
The Alexander Speakers Bureau


Several of my coaching students are now making $2500 to $5,000 to $10,000 per speech. These are people who had NEVER spoken for money before.

The single best tip I can give you is to approach speaking for money like a career - even if you're just planning to give paid presentations every now and then. By looking at it like a career, you'll show up differently. And it really makes all the difference.

The speakers who are getting booked and getting paid are doing certain things differently.
You need to learn what they are doing and why a handful of critical things are so important.

Knowing what those key things are, and getting them right, will save you years of struggle.

Above all, if you truly want to succeed as a paid speaker, be sure to get some coaching so you can get on the fast track to making money when you speak.


Steve Sax - Motivational Speaker & Sports Champion
"Alexander has been a huge help in getting me started the right way.

His techniques have already got me significant bookings that have far exceeded my goals.

His attention to detail in all aspects:from intricate speech writing to advanced marketing, these are exactly the insights for which I was looking.

With so much more to learn, I know I'm in the right place."

Steve Sax
Pro Baseball Player, Motivational Speaker

Hugh Curley
"After a year of thrashing around, trying to get direction for my speaking career, Alexander and I made contact and within the first two weeks of coaching, he had me on the path moving forward. Without his coaching, I would still be thrashing around getting nowhere.

But more important to me is that I recommended he contact several of my friends (after receiving their permission) and they called me back and thanked me for putting them in touch with Alexander.

I enjoy working with Alexander and have made great progress. . ."

Hugh Curley, LSC, J.D, DTM
Engineer, Motivational Speaker





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The 5 Keys

If you really want to become a paid, professional speaker or trainer - there are 5 critical things you must get right.

They are:

1. Your Topics & Positioning

2. Your Confidence & Skill

3. Your Marketing Materials

a. Your 1 sheets
b. Your video
c. Your web site
d. Your online press kit
e. Your off line press kit

4. Pricing And selling Your Services

5. Working With Speakers Bureaus


Learn more about The 5 Essential Keys every aspiring speaker must know.



Coaching Plans

For help assembling the professional marketing materials you need to make money as a speaker plus the keys to earning 6 figures a year or more as a professional speaker.
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Help with your marketing materials AND a proven sales and marketing system for generating an ongoing stream of inquiries for your speaking services.
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. . .

For professional speakers already making $5,000 per speech or more, who want to double or triple their speaking fee.
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Kenny Chapman

"Alexander's coaching has been a measurable benefit to me from our
very first call.

His information is timely, relevant, and in manageable steps that can be implemented to increase your
business immediately.

Kenny Chapman



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